3 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Please Kidnap Me

  1. JKB says:

    Amazing … The first 2 have got me hooked. I listen to it all and marvel how God works. Love how we get to hear of Wayne’s story …anointed by an angel … this experience alone is powerful and interesting, the pastor who could see the angel. How does all that work? Or why do some people never have experience s like this and others do …It intrigues me. I know there is much more to come … Can’t wait!

    1. Wayne Jacobsen says:

      These things are a beautiful mystery, JKB. We don’t control them and we dare not go seeking after such experiences. Live in God’s unfolding reality and learn to recognize the things he brings your way. He wants to show all of us in one way or another how deeply loved we are.

  2. Merle Senekal says:

    I couldn’t wait for episode 2. I think if they were all available I would have binged watched. I love hearing his story and it tugs at my heart, but love that we hear your story as well


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