Episode 0 – Trailer

This is the story of an unbelievable journey through horrendous circumstances and into a friendship as unlikely as any you might imagine.  It is laced with incredible miracles and desperate challenges in this immersive, limited-series podcast. The first episode will drop on February 16, 2021. You can subscribe now at iTunes and other podcast outlets.

3 thoughts on “Episode 0 – Trailer

  1. JKB says:

    Ooh, love it! It’s going to be a great story … Planning on listening with my sisters.

    Didn’t realize it was going to be so professionally done … Trailer is superb!


  2. Jack Salter says:

    I am just Captivated by this story!
    Now I think I see why Wayne was excited about 2021… This is much more than a Podcast! Thank you!
    I’m sending the website link to friends and family.

  3. Roseann says:

    Wow! Luis’ story draws you in. It will be exciting to see how God met him where he was and rescued. Very well done.


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